KATHMANDU, 15th march – Life of an artist seems surreal and enviable, right from the recognition she gets to all that freedom for creativity and opinion and, of course, their knack for turning anything into a wonderful play of colors and putting something beautiful and meaningful out into the world.

But quite often, we forget that their fame was gradual and, for some, attained long after their deaths and that they too started out as amateurs, experimenting with their style and, perhaps even, insecure about their work.

One such aspiring artist who, we believe, has great potential is Roseena Sakya. The 21-year-old was born into a family of Thangka painters and she grew up in Kathmandu surrounded by colors and brushes. Fascinated by watching her dad create beautiful art pieces with the paintbrushes, she too grew interested in the craft as a child. And today she also makes Thangkas, giving continuity to a family legacy.