KATHMANDU – One of the rising stars of Nepal, Barsha Raut comes off one of the talents of Nepal. One of the best things about her is that she gives her full effort in any kind of movies she gets involved in. She recently gave her best appearance in the movie Chakka Panja(2016) and besides she is preparing herself for some of the popular movies in the near future to come. She also acted in the hit movie Chhakka Panja two. Besides she came into fame after she started posting some of the dubmash videos into social media.

She in fact became successful to abstract the eyes of film directors and producer from her successful career in music videos. With many offers started arousing and finally in the movie ‘Nai Navannu La 4’, she made her decision to make the appearance. With the success of the movie and similarly success of her another movies Chhakka Panja and its sequel Chhakka Panja 2, she finally has now becomes one of the successful actress as of today. Now she has many offers in the movies. But she has a choice of taking only the movies with best scripts that fits her and on which she can give her best performance.