Music of Nepal alludes to the different musical kinds heard in Nepal. With more than fifty ethnic gatherings, the music of the nation is very various. Kinds like pop, shake, Nep-bounce ko bato, society, and Classical music are broadly found, yet numerous less basic classifications are yet to be inventoried. Rap additionally once in a while shows up on the Nepalese music diagrams. A number of the nation’s musical groups are situated in Kathmandu – particularly the late ones concentrated on pop and shak.Neplese Music Contain different musical kinds of Nepal.

With more than fifty ethnicity, the music of this nation is a profoundly scattered wonder. In spite of the fact that sorts like pop, shake, society, and Classical music exist, an enormous number of such classifications are yet to be inventoried. Numerous musical groups exist in Nepal, with a tremendous number in Kathmandu – the vast majority of the late ones centered in pop and shake. Rap has been known not on the graphs every now and then.In Nepal there are diverse sort of music.