KATHMANDU – Nepali Cinema Industry since his debut from the movie Yug dekhi Yug Samma in 1994. A gold medalist in English literature, he is the revolutionary actor who entered into cinema world in those days when acting was never considered as a serious profession. Born in 9th June 1964 in Mission Hospital of Palpa to father Dr Chuda Bahadur Hamal and mother Renu KC Hamal, his siblings include younger sister Dr Rupa Hamal, younger brother Rakesh Hamal, Elder Sister Dr Rekha Hamal and elder sister Dr Rita Hamal. All of his sisters are living in USA as a doctor.

His father died when he was serving as an Ambassador to Pakistan. He had also made Maina Suchikar, a disabled woman from Khagendra Nava Jiwan Kendra, Jorpati to be his sister with whom he used to celebrate his birthday till Maina passed away. His parents did not support his decision to be an actor in an initial phase because it was considered the low level profession in those days and Rajesh was from an elite background. His dad wanted to follow Rajesh to follow the footsteps of his sisters and choose either doctor or engineer for his career.

The passion for acting was much greater in Rajesh. He recognized the significance of movie as a powerful way of expressing views. He knew that the visual which the public sees will remain in their memory for a long time than message conveyed through other means like texts and audio. So, he went against the wish of his father which made his father sad initially. But the objection of his family faded when he began to shine in limelight.