On Wednesday evening, a frenzied crowd had gathered at Patan Durbar Square to welcome Indian acting legend Gulshan Grover. The ‘Bad Man’ of Bollywood, who has appeared in more than 400 Bollywood and Hollywood films, climbed up on a stage and ordered, “Gaana band karo”—turn off the music. But the music continued. Grover raised his deep baritone and repeated the line, just like in the many films where he’s played the menacing antagonist. On cue, the music stopped.

Grover was in Patan to promote his latest film, The Man From Kathmandu, which releases on Friday, March 15. The film is not a Bollywood production but a Nepali one, and the first-of-its-kind, as it brings together an international cast with Grover from India; Hameed Sheikh from Pakistan; Jose Manuel from Puerto Rico; and Karma, Anna Sharma, Neer Shah and Mithila Sharma from Nepal. Produced by QFX’s Nakim Uddin and directed by Pema Dhondup, a Tibetan-American, it is a landmark production for the Nepali film industry. The film “will globalise a Nepali story”, being screened in 50 countries around the world, says Dhondup.