KATHMANDU, 17th march – Burns are nasty. Most ailments are but burns more particularly so. Your skin is never the same once it has been moderately or severely burnt. Sensitivity, itchiness and tightness of the skin never really go away. And then there are the scars – a painful reminder of a painful episode. Even long after the burn, these scars are susceptible to itching and the skin dries making appear rough and scaly.

Depending on the severity of the burn (first, second, or third degree), burns take time to heal. So it’s important to do all the right things to ensure that you heal as fast as you can. And the thing with burn wounds is that, even years later, if you do something wrong it will be as if the incident is repeating all over again. The severity of the pain is such. First degree burns aren’t all that worrisome because all they leave behind is a discoloration. It is the second degree and third degree burns that are more concerning. Here, The Week has compiled a list of things you can do to take care of severe burns wounds and scars.

Constant itching on the burn scar regardless of the degree of burn is rather common. The burn damages the oil glands of the burned area and that is why your skin feels dry and you get the tendency to itch. If you are itching it’s actually good news. It means your skin is healing. But the intensity of the itch varies and if you begin scratching the area, chances are you will end up opening the fragile healing skin. This is why keeping the area moisturized is very important. Never apply moisturizers on burn areas forcefully. Take a generous amount of moisturizer and gently rub it on the skin. Make circular movements and do it slowly. Regular moisturizing may also prevent skin tightening.