KATHMANDU, March 25: The video we have an exclusive interview with journalist Rishi Dhamala and his wife Aliza Gautam . Rishi Dhamala is a popular journalist of Nepal and the founder and chairperson of Reporters Club of Nepal. He also works in several media outlets. He works for at least 4 televisions. He runs a business talk show in Nepal Television, RD show in Himalayan TV and Ujyalo Nepal in News 24 TV.

And currently, Aliza Gauram too is busy on working for her debut movie ‘Anurag’ as an actress. Today they are here for interview in the birthday celebration program of their daughter Arika. Cinepati TV, the two have talked about their marital life, children and career so far. Also, Aliza said almost 30% shooting of her movie has been completed and remaining is being continuing. Also Dhamala cried while proposing his wife Aliza in an interview.