Kathmandu, March 25 : Nepal and Japan have signed labor agreement on Monday. Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security Ram Prasad Ghimire and Japanese Ambassador to Nepal Masamichi Saigo signed the memorandum of agreement (MoU) in presence of Minister Gokarna Bista. The agreement will come into effect from April 1. Japan will take Nepali workers in the South Korean model as per the agreement. The workers going after passing Japanese language will get a minimum salary of Rs 200,000 per month.

Nepal had proposed to send workers to Japan through the government during the discussion between the technical teams of the two countries on January 16 to decide the process for sending workers.Japan is planning to use migrant workers in 14 sectors including industrial, nursing, construction and sanitation. Japan aims to take 345,150 workers in the first five years including 60,000 nurses and 53,000 workers for restaurants.

Japan will take those workers from Nepal, Vietnam, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Mongolia. Japan has already implemented a new visa system to take migrant workers. Japan suffers from lack of nurses in the winter as the nurses quit work during the cold season. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had instructed to initiate process to bring migrant nurses during the winter of 2017 after learning about the problem.Nepal has proposed that the Nepali workers should not bear heavy financial burden, and demanded perks and benefits as per the international standard, and health and security guarantees.