KATHMANDU –The movie also features Malika Mahat, Rear Rai, Prechy Bajracharya, Jahanwi Basnet, Bishal Katwal. This movie is directed by Samrat Shakya and produced by Sushil Pokharel Salin Man Baniya is young rising star actor of Nepali movie industry. He started his journey as an actor from the movie A Mero hajur 2.

Anmol K.C.Anmol Kc is a Nepali actor and producer, known for his work in Nepali Movie industry and he has made appearances in several movies namely, Jerryy,Dreams, Gajalu, Kri and Captain. He made his acting debut at 2013 in Hostel which was commercially and critically successful. One of the most celebrated figures in the modern Nepali Film Industry and recipient of several awards,Anmol K.C. is one of the highest-paid and commercially successful actor in Nepal.