Nuwakot, July 9. A report about the economic census of Nuwakot has been unveiled. Earlier, the government had decided to conduct the national economic census for the first time in its history with an objective of finding the overall status of nation’s economy by strengthening the System of National Accounts (NSA).

The report that was made public amidst a programme at Bidur today, has put the number of entrepreneurial units here at 8,809 where a total of 32,082 human resources are associated with and among them, the number of women is 13,192 and 18,890 are men. The census was based on field survey, according to District Statistics Office Chief Bhabishwor Ghimire.

The census began in mid-April took the complete two months to conclude.

There are 12 local units in the district and the Bidur Municipality has the highest number of entrepreneurial units ( 3,019) while Belkotigadhi Municipality (948), Dupcheshwor Rural Municipality ( 756), Tadi( 569), Suryagadhi ( 405), Kispang ( 409), Myang(404), Tarkeshwor ( 389), Likhu (601),Panchakanya ( 357) , Shivapuri ( 352) and Kakani ( 600). The economic census provides detailed information of economic activities including the number of paid and unpaid workers, source of finance and type of ownership.