Prashant Tamrakar is Model, Actor. He has recently been involved in movie Aishwarya. Prithviray Prasad in Kathmandu did not enter the film industry while there was a magnitude age. Even after the dozens of movies, Afar came to Afrir, even though he could not find him. She kept herself in the vengeance of her face.

Vision He did not even give birth to 15 years before 2074 years. However, at the time he thought, he had a new creation. Time is the tanker. The audience is looking for the tanker. So the viewer does not believe us. So he also gave that offer off.

In the middle, he starred in Tata Bai Bai movie. It’s not yet released. She could not handle the wishes of her friends and she acted in a film mask and address where she did not notice. The movie could not even show the box office.

Ramesh Upriyey starred in the US after returning to America. She did not expect success when she turned to make her own movie. Name was Aishwarya. His name was Bhilan’s name Raghav. Rabi Lamichhane suggested the name of Prakash Tamrakar to Ramesh, who was thinking about what he was. Ramesh met Prasad and proposed. You do not have a movie without me. Only you can judge this character.

Prasad also happens and he acted. The movie did not release the movie while watching the trailer. Media searched for more than heroes. Even from the sacrifice, the blessing came.