The Tharu Kalyankarini Sabha, Saptari has handed over a memorandum to Chief Minister of Province-2, Lal Bahadur Raut at Kushaha in Saptari district today.  The memo demands Tharus’ representation in every state organ of Province – 2 on the basis of their population, quotas for Tharus in the Public Service Commission on the basis of their population, establishment of Tharu museum and development of Tharu home stay enterprises in the Province, among others. Similarly, Tharus have also pressed the provincial government to formulate policy curbing alcoholism, abuse of narcotic drugs and gambling, incorporating text books in Tharu languages up to elementary school in the provinces with the dominance of Tharus.

Furthermore, they have also asked for scholarship to the Tharu students for the higher education, promoting the traditional crafts of Tharu women and launching self-employments programmes and vocational training to the educated Tharu youths. Shiva Narayan Chaudhary (Shiba), Chairperson of the Tharu Kalyankarini Sabha, Saptari chapter handed over the memo to the CM who was at the two-day Maghi Festival for its inaugural held at Kushaha in the district. Receiving the memo, CM Raut said that many of the demands raised in the memo were already addressed by the provincial government. He pledged that other demands will be met gradually.