ISLAMABAD, Feb 26: Details are still limited, but Pakistan claims that Indian military aircraft crossed the Line of Control separating both countries in the hotly contested Jammu and Kashmir region and violated its airspace, possibly in an attempt to strike targets on the Pakistani side. If true, this incident could threaten to provoke a major conflict between the two nuclear-armed nations, who have seen a precipitous decline in relations since a car bomb killed 40 Indian soldiers in Kashmir earlier in February 2019.

Pakistani Major General Asif Ghafoor announced the violation, via his official Twitter account, early on Feb. 26, 2019, local time. He did not say how many Indian aircraft , or what type, had been involved in the reported incident or what the Pakistani Air Force’s response consisted of afterward. An unconfirmed video appeared to show at least one JF-17 Thunder fighter jet heading off into the night at full afterburner.