Kathmandu, June 13 (RSS): Lawmakers from the ruling political party too have criticized the appropriate bill, saying it was discriminatory.
In the parliament discussion on Thursday, the lawmakers blamed the government that the budget was determined by the influential leaders. Selection of projects for economic development was wrong; some districts had a lot of programmes while many had no programmes, they added.

Nepal Communist Party lawmaker Prem Bahadur Ale complained that government ignored the economic development and tourism of Doti district. Although the Rara Lake was much touted for tourism promotion, no budget was allocated to this regard.

Same party lawmaker, Gajendra Mahat said the budget making process was traditional, and appropriation was determined by influence and undue pressure while ignoring people’s demands and aspiration.

Another lawmaker Naradmuni Rana said the budget generated huge dilemma whether it was for praise or objection. He wondered why the budget was allocated under the influence of some political leaders.

Sujita Shakya complained that that those surviving the earthquake were still not provided the grants for such long time. Rajendra Kumar Rai showed concern why the budget failed to address people’s demand and needs.

Jibaram Shrestha drew the government’s attention to bring in the bodily remains of international mountain biker Narayan Gopal Maharjan from Sri Lanka. He had fallen into a river while biking, he added, saying his family was poor and in need of government assistance. Dr Minendra Rijal of Nepali Congress and others demanded to cut the appropriation under the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation.
The House of Representatives will meet next on June 17.